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  • Vet bills

  • Medication

  • Supplies such as foods, treats, beds, toys, etc.

  • Dog houses for those who live outside

  • Building materials 

  • Transport cost

  • Boarding

  • We strive to help all dogs, regardless of breed, age, medical condition or history

  • Providing useful resources and links to trusted sources for training and enrichment

  • Aid in finding dogs a place in rescues in Ontario

  • Working with reputable rescues with policies that align with our values


Saving South Paws strives to help rescue partners manage their never ending needs. 


We aid in raising funds for food, vetting and supplies. We also bring awareness to rescue dogs in need and the importance of adopting over shopping for a breeder dog.


There is the perfect rescue dog for everyone as long as you have patience, are open to finding the perfect fit for your life and not picking a dog based on breed/physical appearance. And yes, you can still find a hypoallergenic dog in rescue! The best part is you will be saving the life of one dog and opening a new space up for another dog in need.


We keep everyone up to date with incredible transformation stories, deserving dogs looking for their forever home and aid in connecting you with a reputable rescue in your area that can help with the adoption process. 


Although 2022 was a very slow year for adoptions, Saving South Paws was able to help place over 120 dogs with reputable rescues. Each and every one of those dogs now enjoys the good life they’ve always deserved.


We are currently working to aid in the rebuild of the farm that has been a safe haven for endless dogs over the years. Our wonderful friends in Tennessee want to turn it into a legal dog sanctuary. They have been around for a long time and what was once created to save hundreds of homeless, unwanted dogs, is really starting to show its wear. The farm could use some upgrading, so it can continue to house dogs waiting to find their forever home!


In doing this, they will be able to provide a safer space for the dogs who have no other options, until they can get placed with a rescue that can find them a forever family. This renovation will allow dogs to not have to live on the streets and fight for their survival. They will have shelter from the elements, a full bowl of food every day, clean drinking water, vet care and lots of love. 

Anyone who has ever owned a dog can surely say they wouldn't want to see a dog suffer.

Together, little by little, we can work towards creating a better world for dogs.

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