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Dog giving a high five



(The more detailed responses provided will allow us to better assess if you will be a good candidate for adoption. Please put n/a if you are unsure or unable to answer a question) 

Have you read the dogs profile in full?
How did you hear about us?
Have you ever adopted an animal before?
What is your ideal size of dog?
How old is your ideal dog?
What is the ideal dogs energy level?
What is your dog ownership experience level?
Do you have a yard?
If you live in a condo or apartment, do you have a balcony:
Are there other adults in your home?
If you answered yes, are all members of the house onboard with this adoption?
Are there any allergies to animals in your household?
Will you crate you dog?
Have you ever surrendered or given up a pet?
Are you or anyone in your household prohibited from owning animals?
If this dog is already matched, are you open to exploring another suitable dog match?

Thanks for submitting!

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