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Dog Waving Paw



(As a foster parent you will be provided all supplies needed to care for your

foster dog as well as all necessary veterinary care)

Please indicate your level of dog experience:
Do you have any dog training experience?
Are there other adults in your home?
Do all members of the household agree to fostering?
Are your pets spayed/neutered and up to date on their vaccinations??
What type of community do you live in?
If you live in a condo/apartment, do you have acess to a balcony?
Is your home air conditioned?
Do you drive and have access to a vehicle?
Are you willing to takeyour dog to vet appointments and events?
Are you prepared for an adjustmen period while the dog decopesses and becomes familiar with his/her surroundings and caregivers?
Have yo had pets in the past that are no longer with you?
Have you ever bred your pets?
Are you willing to foster a dog with special needs?

Thanks for submitting!

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